Chachkas 46/52 and 47/52!

I am not Julia:

Yet again, I am behind by 6 weeks!  I am not as dedicated as Julia (forgive me, I forget her last name) who cooked her way thru all of Julia Child’s cookbook.  I don’t think she missed a night of her blog, leading to marital strife  (which resolved) but also a book deal, a movie and great fame and fortune.  I am not headed for any of these things as far as I can tell.  I don’t like marital strife, anyways!  As far as fame and fortune, how can I miss what I have never known.  I digress, back to blogging.  At least, I will still finish this blog on the intended date and I will have attempted to sell 52 items in a year to raise some money for charity!

Chachka 46/52:  Superman tin

Doesn't look like an underwear holder.

I got this superman tin, which was the container to sell a pair of superman boxers, from my friend Liz.  She is on this blog singing Siyahamba with me.  She is a superman buff.  She knows everything I’ve never cared to know about him.  I take her word for it though that he is The Best super hero.  I received the tin at a white elephant Christmas party.  (You exchange items that you don’t want…it has to be junk from home…my kind of gift exchange!)  So, I now I’m getting desperate trying to sell an empty underwear tin but when times get tough the tough get going.

Never seen a beginner conductor up close…here’s your chance!

Here’s my final exam for conducting.  You can hear a part of the University of Colorado at Boulder’s symphony orchestra and see a beginning conductor.  I am conducting the first movement of St. Paul’s Suite.  Learn more about St. Paul’s Suite by Gustav Holst HERE!

Chachka 47/52: Bike Pedals

Good ole' fashioned pedals

These pedals came with the bike I bought a while back in preparation for not being able to drive.  I then found out that I did not remember how to ride a bike very well.  Apparently, some people do forget how to ride a bike.  I was terrified and I fell down many times before I’ve finally mastered the art of biking slowly on a very wide bike trail where other bikers are very far away from me.  I still have issues.  I can’t ride a bike without constantly making this really uncomfortable face.  I call it the “bike face.”  I’ve recently noticed other people with different “bike faces” then mine that look equally uncomfortable.  Back to the pedals:  The pedals that came with the bike are the standard flat pedal without any straps or cages to hold your foot.  I bought pedals with a cage on them to slide my foot into.  I had some knee pain while biking and realized I needed to be able to pull up while pedaling  to help me use the muscles on the back of my legs and takes pressure off of my knees.  Worked like a charm, no knee pain.  Some people have told me they hate a pedal with a cage or clips so I figure maybe someone will want my old pedals.

In lieu of a video, I decided to take a photo of my “bike face.”  Does anyone else have this problem?!


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